Title Pre-owned Vehicle Buyer
Location Romain Crosspointe
Job Information

PURPOSE OF JOB: To identify, locate and purchase pre-owned vehicles for the Pre-owned Vehicle Department.  Purchased vehicles must be consistent with the Department’s needs and allow desired levels of profitability.

JOB DUTIES (with %):

Primary Responsibilities – 70%

  • Assist the Pre-owned Vehicle Manager with the development of the Buy List.  Review and update the list daily.
  • Research online auction sites for desired inventory.
  • Review condition reports, vehicle options, and odometer readings of potential inventory.
  • Review CarFax or Auto Check reports; reject inappropriate vehicles.
  • Use VAuto to determine the current market price of each potential vehicle.
  • Determine the total cost of each vehicle including reconditioning and transportation costs.
  • Determine the profit potential of each vehicle.
  • Make buying decisions based on this analysis and the needs of the Department.
  • Purchase vehicles.
  • Locate, research, and purchase appropriate vehicles from other dealerships and private owners.
  • Complete Appraisal Information and Detailed Reports for Administrative support staff.
  • Maintain a good working relationship with auctions.  Rectify any problems resulting from the purchase of vehicles.
  • Communicate with the Pre-owned Vehicle Manager and Administrative support personnel to determine the most effective vehicle mix for the Department.

Secondary Responsibilities – 20%

  • Attend and participate in appropriate sales and inventory meetings.
  • Maintain work areas in a clean, neat, and orderly fashion.
  • Identify and research other ways to acquire pre-owned vehicle inventory.  Be a “student of the business”.
  • Assist Pre-owned Vehicle Manager with vehicle preparations and merchandising.
  • Attend daily one-on-one meetings with Pre-owned Vehicle Manager.
  • Abide by Company rules, policies, and procedures.

Quality – 10%

  • Personally commit to quality in all aspects of work. Participate in and promote the established Quality Improvement Process (QIP) for continuous improvement.  Participate on teams to research, measure and correct problems and to strive for process improvement.  Communicate, example and implement the Company’s Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Value, and Philosophy.
  • Attend at least ten (10) hours of Quality Training per year.
  • Be a strong personal advocate for World Class customer experiences.  You are required to observe the company 10 foot rule, open doors for all Guests, acknowledge Guests as “Mr. or Mrs.” and comply with all other customer experience rules.
  • Willingly serve on Corrective Action (CAT) Teams or Departmental Working Teams, upon request and as a result of an Employee or Manager submitted E.C.R.

Note:  Indicate with an asterisk (*) any duties which are not essential to the position.


  • Must possess a thorough understanding of the Pre-owned Vehicle Sales Department operations.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Professional, well groomed appearance.

This does not necessarily list all responsibilities, duties, requirements or efforts associated with the job.  While this list is intended to be an accurate reflection of the job, the company reserves the right to review and modify the functions, duties and requirements of the job or to require that additional or different tasks be performed as circumstances or business needs require.

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